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We at car and driver tested our first ferrari, the 250 gt europa, in our january 1958 issue. Choose from multiple driving routes and start times, and meet at an easytofind location in the same square as the ferrari. Young driver of ferrari 458 italia becomes victim of drunk. Whether you are an expert driver or a simple enthusiast, you driving on the racetrack read more. The crash caused lengthy delays on saturday and photos of the scene suggests the vehicle involved was a white ferrari 458 italia. Its midmounted v8 produces 74 more horsepower and 55 more poundfeet of torque than the f430, allowing it to be 0. Ferrari driver academy members jules bianchi, mirko bortolotti and daniel zampieri had a day of testing in one of the teams 2008 formula 1 cars at. Ferrari 458 italia spider one of the advances of this model is to strengthen the chassis received. As mentioned, theres actually quite a few places around italy where you can have an unforgettable ferrari driving experience but in this post im going to talk about modena, the home of ferrari and a unique place to test drive one of the most coveted sports cars in the world.

We are a test drive sports cars company in maranello, we offer cars like ferrari, lamborghini, pagani and others. Racing experience test drive ferrari 458 on a race track near milan inc video provided by racing in italy. The test drives can last as little as 30 minutes to approx 2 hours. The mclarens natural enemy, thanks to a 45year history of formula 1 battles, is ferrari s 458 italia. Test drive a ferrari 458 for 3 laps on a racing track near milan gear up, you are about to set foot in one of the most powerful street cars available today. Drive a ferrari 458 spider in maranello test drive. Two tft colour screens give the driver realtime information about the cars performance. Read about the 2010 ferrari 458 italia in this first drive and. We work to provide better service to tourists who will come to maranello to do the test drive, we offer an exceptional service giving you all the tips for performing your test drive. We have an absolute amazing time doing a test drive of ferrari 458. Jeremy drives the ferrari 458 italia part 12 series 15, episode 6.

Make your racing dreams come alive and drive one these cars on an italian racing circuit. Driving ferrari on the racetrack is the crowning achievement of a dream for all speed fans. Thats not an understatement when you consider they are cruising around monza in a ferrari. After a number of seasons progressing through formula renault and formula 3 with multiple race victories, bird held testing duties for williams focusing on straightline aero development. Automakers usually map out the smoothest test routes for car launches, asphalt so. You get a full video recording of the driving session. A ferrari trainer copilot will assist you, teach you, and let you really experience all the horsepower the ferrari 458 italia has to offer. It has the ripping silk tonality of jaguars new ftype v6 s, but with so much more sophistication, the. Ferrari gives a lesson on driving the 458 italia autoblog. Maranellos midengined beauty, the 458 italia, is the first ferrari to bear the name of its home country, which indicates the importance the car occupies. What would you do if you had 72 hours in ferrari s latest supercar, the 562 horsepower, midengine 458 italia. The body designs of the ferrari cars are protected as ferrari s. We take this observation to be selfevident and universal, a fact of life that even lamborghini owners, red bull racing fans, and prius drivers accept and appreciate.

The 458 italia features an innovative driving environment with a new kind. Ferrari proves once again why its the gold standard. Lets see what a daylong drive in the new mclaren offers but. But after driving the 458 italia, ferraris latest and greatest feat of hotblooded automotive audacity, i realized something. A supercar with a top speed of 202mph and acceleration of 060mph in 3. More than 60 years on, weve tested more than five dozen ferraris and. Maranello smothers the 458 italia with some very special sauce. Jeremy drives the ferrari 458 italia part 12 series 15. Twinturbo v8 sounds amazing 3 ferrari test driver dario benuzzi. Brutally fast ferrari 458 test drive maranello, italy. Choose among a variety of racing cars such as ferrari, lamborghini, lotus, drift cars, and even formula one.

Our ferrari f458 speciale test drive is a fantastic opportunity to experience the top performing ferrari 458. Its a fivedoor hatchback that can run neck and neck with a ferrari 458 in the quarter mile. The 458 replaced the f430, and was first officially unveiled at the 2009 frankfurt motor show. The instruction is very professional, oren is very nice and organizes everything. This is the first ferrari rally where only women are allowed.

I take you for a rather fast pov test drive behind the wheel pit stop rents ferrari 458 italia. Drive a ferrari 458 italia on the racetrack test drive. The name ferrari, the prancing horse device, all associated logos and distinctive designs are property of ferrari s. Thrustmaster tx ferrari 458 italia edition wheel driver thrustmaster tx ferrari 458 italia edition usb driver thrustmaster tx ferrari 458 italia edition firmware. The model does not disappoint either, jeremy clarkson or their fans, having won in its debut frankfurt motor show visitors a great design and excellent technical characteristics. Drive a ferrari 458 italia on the track, book now by selecting the date and the number of laps of the track you want to do.

It was the first midengined ferrari to have direct. The ferrari 458 italia went to production in 2009 as the successor to the 430 but with an entirely new design. Ferrari s new supercar, the 458 italia, is in the uk for a short series of road tests. Includes yearly updates, specifications, road test ratings and trouble spots. The name ferrari, the prancing horse device, all associated logos and distinctive designs are property. Dec 31, 2015 ferrari 458 speciale onboard footage at monza.

Young drivers can now learn the essential skills needed to drive, from the drivers seat of a modern car with expert tuition from our advance driving instructors. Ferrari 458 spider to our knowledge, ferrari test drivers arent spending hours on end dodging 6in. Now imbued with the highest specific output of any naturallyaspirated production ferrari engine 5 hp per litre of displacement, says pietro rigamonti, one of the 458 s vehicle engineers. It will be hard to find a better handling car among the street legal ones, or such a fast one. With sensuous curves and 562 horsepower screaming from its 9000rpm v8, the 458 is fourwheeled amphetamine. This new ferrari might be the most special car in a lineup full of them. Ferrari 458 spider my next car test drive cars with luke. Fast ferrari f430 almost crashed during drive test in maranello. The quickest ferraris car and driver has ever tested.

Make your racing dreams come alive and drive one these cars on an italian. Ferrari 458 italia race car 23 feb 2012 one of the good things about becoming a senior statesman in the motor racing world is the opportunity for lots of car adventures. Ferrari driver academy is an initiative from formula one team scuderia ferrari to promote young talent inside its own organisation, with several drivers being selected and. In more recent history, it is the elegant 1994 f355 that many.

Read about the ferrari 458 italia in this first test article brought to you by the automotive experts at automobile magazine. Test drive ferrari 458 spider come and experience the thrill of driving the unique ferrari in maranello. One of the worst ferrari 458 accidents weve ever seen. Drive the new ferrari 458 spider on the uks fastest race circuit. Times are tough for the travel community right now. Download thrustmaster tx ferrari 458 italia edition racing. Its a new flatplane crank v8 of no relation to the 458s, drysumped and, ferrari claims, offering the quickest throttle response time. When ferrari started the development of the 458, the carmaker recreated a movie scene that never gets old.

Racing experience test drive ferrari 458 on a race track near milan. Ferrari 458 spider test drive with fernando alonso. No wonder the fiorano test track has seen some astonishing times set by. To show your support, consider leaving a thoughtful. At the hallowed fiorano test track, an illuminated gas off sign orders us to. With a vast array of electronic wizardry, a glorious 570horsepower midmounted v8, statuesque bodywork, the track manners of an f1 car and the street. Not many people can afford to add a ferrari 458 spider to their car collection, but most of us can spend time driving one thanks to this ferrari 458 spider road test drive in maranello. According to italian scuderia, new technical solutions adopted guarantee the same degree of torsional stiffness in relation to the 458 spider, both with the open or closed top. The ferrari 458 italias performance seems on par with the trackoptimized 430 scuderia, but the 458 italia is far more civilized, slightly quieter, and considerably more comfortable than the scuderia.

Download thrustmaster tx ferrari 458 italia edition racing wheel driver firmware 2019. It was succeeded by the 488, which was unveiled at the 2015 geneva motor show. Mar 29, 2016 take a test drive in ferrari s new 488 gtb. In fact, for highly sought after models, if youve never owned a ferrari, they may not even let you buy one unless you are a vip in something.

A 21 year old guy had just purchased this ferrari and was driving it through an intersection when a drunk driver behind the wheel of a hyundai accent ran a red light and slammed into the ferrari. Junior driving experience thruxton motorsport centre. With motorsport maranello test drive, you can spend an unforgettable day on the racetrack, like a real pilot, without any restrictions, road law, speed limits, and absolute safety. Ferrari test drives in maranello italy, road and modena. For the rest of us, driving the latest midengined ferrari is the nearest thing to fast jet. In this page you can reserve your supercar test drives, these are held in maranello just in front of the ferrari museum. May 05, 2015 the presentation comes from a lovely young lady that takes the supercar for a spin in miami. The topless 458, which arrives in january, is the fifth generation of ferrari s midengine v8 volume car to get the spider treatment. The new droptop supercar features an automatic retractable.

When a car is as good as the ferrari 458 italia that won best drivers car in 2011, you dont need to change much. You wont get to test drive a ferrari at a dealership if you have to ask this question. Gean has already made appearances on tv shows driving the ferraris. Are you tired of looking for the drivers for your devices. Test drive a ferrari 458 for 3 laps around a circuit near milan with a driving instructor in the passenger seat. A pre test briefing is done in front of the prototype rather than on computer, as you need to touch it. Our booking engine is connected to the biggest and best supercar driving experience providers across the uk, meaning you can find and book events 24 hours a day online. Tourists who visit maranello will be able to enjoy a unique experience onboard a ferrari.

Young driver of ferrari 458 italia becomes victim of drunk driver. Young driver of ferrari 458 italia becomes victim of. Our call centre is also open 6 days a week so you can speak to an expert and find the perfect package to suit you or the person you are buying for. Racing experience test drive ferrari 458 on a race track near milan provided by racing in italy. Powered by a glorious, highrevving v8 mated to a sevenspeed dual clutch gearbox, this is the car that most typifies the brand. The ferrari 458 italia is the successor to the wildly popular f430. Nov 06, 2009 the guys from autocar had the luck to got behind the wheels of the new ferrari 458 italia and of course they had all the fun in the world. Racing experience test drive ferrari 458 on a race track near milan inc video.

Listen to the sound of 570 horses calling your name. Test drive unlimited 2 ps3 ferrari 458 italia test drive. Test drive ferrari 458 maranello video dailymotion. Gean is a racing driver who resides in italy for nine years. We also have lamborghini test drives, and the possibility to drive the ferrari f430 on. You can subscribe to my channel for new videos, builds of my ferrari 458, brz, supra, rx7, 2jz 350z, vlogs and everything else that i record and share with you. Download drivers for thrustmaster ferrari 458 spider bulk driver other devices windows 7 x64, or install driverpack solution software for automatic driver download and update. So say hello to another reason to buy this extraordinary and.

Racing experience test drive ferrari 458 switzerland. The ferrari 458 speciale builds upon the performance of the 458 italia and spider with its more powerful engine, reworked transmission, brakes, and suspension setup. John barker is the man charged with extracting the best from it around the bedford autodrome. If you rush into corners and try to get in there too hard, it doesnt. The ferrari 458 italia type f142 is a midengine sports car produced by the italian automobile manufacturer ferrari. Thus, in 2009 about the ferrari 458 said jeremy clarkson in top gear. Check the video to see what do they think about the. The newer car was significantly quicker around the top gear test track, too with the stig at the wheel, it lapped in a time of 1. Not that anyone who drives a ferrari cares about pump prices. Given the california exists to offer a more comfort orientated ferrari, you.

A day in the life of a ferrari test driver top gear. Heartstopping ferrari driving experience in modena, italy. Ferrari has released a video of the justunveiled ferrari 458 spider being test driven by fernando alonso onto its youtube channel. Ferrari driver academy is an initiative from formula one team scuderia ferrari to promote young talent inside its own organisation, with several drivers being selected and funded by the team, being under longterm contracts. Our ferrari 458 italia test drive is a great way to truly experience what its like to be behind the wheel of a ferrari. Raffaelle simone, ferraris younggun test driver, is at fiorano, tasked with demonstrating the 458s enormous breadth of ability around the circuits challenging. Not only to drive it but to actually feel the road handling and accelerate on a racing track in italy.

He eventually joined forces with mercedes f1 for the young driver test in abu dhabi and was subsequently named as their test and reserve driver. But the 458 is not like the cloth droptops of the 348through430 spiders and actually is more similar to the targastyle gts versions of the earlier 308 and 328 models. I take you behind the wheel of the ferrari 458 speciale for a quick pov test drive, enjoy. In the show, clarkson compared the 458 italia to fellow presenter james mays own f430. Feb 08, 2017 a day in the life of a ferrari test driver. Ferraris young drivers get f2008 test f1 autosport. Ferraris 458 italia not only eclipses the performance of every. Ride along with me as i get an insanely quick test drive of a ferrari 458 italia on the roads around maranello. The ferrari 458 italia is ferrari s baby sports car, sitting below the bellowing ferrari f12 berlinetta and allwheel drive ferrari ff.

Ferrari f458 speciale test drive ferrari experience maranello. Rent the car of your dreams in italy, have fun doing the test drive for ferrari cars and lamborghini ferrari 458 italia. Ferrari f458 italia test drive in maranello ferrari test. Racing experience test drive ferrari 458 on a race track. Attending the event are four 458 spiders, a california turbo and a laferrari.

Driving fast in the ferrari 458 italia popular science. My wrecked ferrari 458 gets new front frame support. Tripadvisor racing experience test drive ferrari 458. A ferrari trainer copilot will assist you, teach you, and allow you to truly experience all the horsepower this ferrari 458 speciale has to offer.

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